Our 4 hot newbies fight each others and shows us how strong they are.


Our longest Serie! 13 Movies counting made on request of a loyal custumer that were a HUGE SUCCESS. Now you can buy them ALL IN ONCE with a good discount.


The series continues … And now they are 3! Thsi time we have Sany, Kevin and Anthony fighting each other hard!!


3 new actors (Antony, Micheal, Arman) prove all their strength while they get merciless gut-punched one by one! Lenght: 21 min.


18 y.o. classmates Yurko, Michael and Antony foot-bullying during the playstation game. Sneakers (30%) Socks (30%) barefeet 40%. Lots of playful low blows, feet ot face, stomping etc. HD dimension.