This is a big custom divide in 2 parts, one in jeans and sneakers, other barefoot. Buy both to save 20%


First Part of a long Custom Movie. We see new guys Arman and Michel fighting each others closely with punch and kick Here's the customer comment: "Thank you so much! I got the videos downloaded and watched both of them already. I'm 100% satisfied with the video you guys made, as well as your filming/editing time. I got it much sooner than I expected. Arman and Micheal did an awesome job acting, making the punches seem real, and acting out everything according to my script! And the camera work was perfect. Keep making these amazing videos and photosets! :-) "


3 new actors (Antony, Micheal, Arman) prove all their strength while they get merciless gut-punched one by one! Lenght: 21 min.