Elliot and Hunter are together for the third time for this incredible, custom funded SUPERMOVIE. It includes backstages and custom multirequests A true masterpiece!


Amazing Custom movie about humiliation and headscissors. This is domination at its finest!


Amazing Custom movie about capturing and torturing. If you like role play stories and gags you can’t miss this. Poor Elliot can’t do anything but moaning…


Poor Gelatin is trapped on a train with 2 bullies that enjoy humiliate him

Original price was: €66.00.Current price is: €59.00.

!! ultra HD version (2704X2028 50fps) Rocky / Hunter / Eliot play with poor Gelatin counsciousness in this second CUSTOM from SuperSession 2 He pass out 4 times!

Original price was: €75.00.Current price is: €66.00.

The Backstage of our masterpice Supersession 2,with lots of undisclosed action!


Incredible custom about grappling and domination.


Sany Hunter and Elliot have fun ripping their incredibly expensive shirts while dominating each others

Original price was: €199.00.Current price is: €179.00.

2 MOVIES in ONE! This is the RAW footage session of 2 movies toghether. 2 Hours of pure domination! This movie contains also the raw footage of: Squash Match Supplanters


Great new project Up. Super Session 2 will be out soon!. Gelatin is heavily brutalized by 2 of our new recruits. Chapter 2 is : here