A collection of some of our best unreleased movies and shorts of the last 8 years! 3 large parts for a total of almost 3 hours!


Andre and John are so good in kicking. Enjoy this big photoset when you see them kicking each other barefoot, showing off their perfect feet. Then they join to torture the poor foot slave!


The military production continued. Fighters John and Marat (both are real military by the way) on the brutal fight training. Guys excercise kicking, stomping, wrestling ... Boots and barefeet 50/50.


John vs. Marat dirty fighting, mostly grappling but also including low blows, stomping, kicks ... Handsome athletes trying to destroy each other, mostly using their legs and feet.


Awesome bodies Marat and John fight (both 19 y.o. sportsmens) in our classical brutal style with lots of kicks, stomps, low blows, foot in face etc. Custom photo set. Dresscode: jeans/shorts/sneakers/barefeet


Newbie Andre (taekwondoka) and Mirko (judoka) ganged up against John. Guys deliver lots of low blows, kicks, stomping etc.


Marat and John trickfighting. Guys use brutal kicks, stomps, trampling, low blows etc.