HUGE COLLECTION Some of our BEST Foot Worship Pictures from our past shootings. Don’t miss it! See preview below: [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”3″ gal_title=”Foot Worship 1″]


Our dom boys Karate Sasha and Nazim fight each other and torture one loser, even tying him up and stomping on him. And if you like bondage and tying ups...wait for our new site to come!


Our Loyal Slave this time is enslaved by Karate Sasha. Our young gorgeous Karate Master has no mercy of him at all!


Karate Sasha and Yuri are both skilled in Karate, and like to fight each other. Who’s gonna win?


Karate Sasha is Back! Our gorgeous black belt boy show all of his skills in this new video. With the help of an anatomy book, he finds all the most painful spots on his slave, and shows NO MERCY! Check out our latest masterpiece!


Cutie Sasha, the karate black belt starring in the custom video. Dresscode: black kimono and black socks. Sasha kicking, pushing face and stomping the footslave. Lenght: 25 min


Sasha is a karate master, handsome and powerful. In this big session (sneakers, socks, barefeet) Sasha perform a lot of various foot domination excersises, kicking, stomping his victim, pushing feet to the face, sitting etc


Sweet karateka Sasha feet kicking, pushing and stomping the face of the footslave. Oh, the soles of young martial artist are so delicious


Karate Black Belt Sasha torturing new slave. First Sasha spending some time for foot show to the camers, performing various kicks, showing his soles. Then he practice kicks, foot to face/belly/groin touches, stomping etc. This package include 25-min video MP4 and the set of 74 HD photos


Wonderful karateka Sasha provide his sweet feet to be adored by us, the viewers. Black belt master dominating the footslave by kicks, body and groin stomps, pushes to the face, holds.


Karate black belt Sasha`s studio photo session (HD picture size). Sasha showing the beauty of his skilled feet and dominating victim.