7 Movies for more than 2 hours of “Brotherly Love”


The first original karate Prisoner was an incredible custom movies. Another custumer saw it and decided to replicate with a new prisoner: Him !


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Look at Master Raf torture and humiliate his slave. This loyal client payed to visit him, because he knows what is his place.


Mirko and Raf mercilessy torture and humiliate their slave with their powerful legs and feet. 2vs1 great action You can find the second part of this video here. Lenght: 31 min


Incredible Custom Experience! Based on the storyline of Karate Prisoner, the customer is attacked and imprisoned by 3 Blackbelts: Raf (Karate Blackbelt) and Felix and Ihor (Taekwondo Blackbelts) Definetly a Must See!


Custom photoset starring masters Raf, Felix and Ihor. Their victim humiliated by their nice feet pushing face, stomach, groin etc.