Pack of 4 vids for the price of one // vol. 1


Poor Tom is totally blasted by Ray military power


REAL ACTION Ray totally Enslave our poor slave Gelatin with his power and strenght, helped with the voice and foot of our champion Mirko.


Our good friend and affectionated custom client ordered another scissor movie with our scissor champion Sany, fighting Ray this time


Ray attack Rambo with surprise and dominates him with various holds and strangles. Then Rambo decides to fight back. Who’s gonna win?


Ray has just been awarded with purple belt but Tom decides to test his real skills and submit him.


Mirko Vladko and Ray gang up against poor Max as a dummy


Our beloved Ray is Back with Us! Here we see Mirko teaching him how to torture and humiliate his favourite slave Again we see no mercy here: lots of gut punches and kicks, tramlin and foot-in-face and sock-gag humiliation A must see.


The ultimate dominant movie. From minute one you will see bully Ray picking on and beating poor Sany. No mercy, just Power!


What is more beautiful than the boy legs in jeans, and sneakers on the feet, especially when the boy is a sportsman, wrestler and his body is trained and powerful. Enjoy Mirko and Ray doing footwrestling, low blows, trampling in jeans and sneakers.


Wrestler Mirko (blue) vs. newbie Ray. Dirty wrestling fighting including low blows, hard stomping, throws, painful armbars, logjams, submission etc.


Always trying to improve our product quality. The constant search for new forms and means of expression. In this case, the latest development - the shot of brutal kicks and other elements of the foot fight in slow motion