Great shirt ripping bullying CUSTOM MOVIE from a very affectionate client.


Wel and Gus are the perfect dominators and looks amazing in jeans. Poor Armando is doomed and gets beaten, humiliated, and totally defeated.


ANOTHER AMAZING CLASSIC RESTORED: This time we bring back the Twin Wrestlers! 1 was powerful, but together they were unbeatable! n.b. You can see the movie Photoset here: https://trickfighters.com/downloads/twin-wrestlers-ph/


2 of our most beloved actors, Rambo and Rocky, after sparring together now gangs up to bully and humiliate poor Gelatin. Lot’s of scissors here! What happened before? see here part 1


Bully Andres is picking on our poor Jelly in the most malicious way. He ejoys to capture him and dominate him with his stinky powerful feet. Total Humiliation and Degradation here! A must have if youa re into foot domination


Rocky is the ultimate high school bully in this! He picks up on the 2 nerd and bully them mercylessly, lifting them up full weight.


Poor Tin is a human dummy for violent sensei Rambo in this amazing REAL DOMINATION video. He is subjected to every possible move: low blow, tramplin scissor. He i s even tied up and gagged while tortured.


Poor Tin is subjected to a very violent interrogation by our most loved actors Mirko and Rambo. Lot’s of different action with subtitled dialogs!


Custom Movie with lots of low blows gut punching and handgags. Will Chuck win this time or will he keep losing? A must see if you like this genres!


Rocky and Gelatin again in a vicious domination video, all spoken in German. Humiliation and scissors at their best!


We have many videos with Gelly being humiliated, but in this one Rocky really treats him with no respect at all: like an animal! Note: 2 variants of download – 25 fps (traditional) for those who is badwidth limited, and 50 frames per second for unlimited bandwidth and powerful playback device owners.


Rambo is back with us in a brief visit, and show again all his strenght along side with our beloved Rocky, both instructed by Mirko. R plus R = poor Gelatin is completely devasteded both phisically and mentally with lot of humiliation.


Amazing Custom movie about humiliation and headscissors. This is domination at its finest!


Amazing Custom movie about capturing and torturing. If you like role play stories and gags you can’t miss this. Poor Elliot can’t do anything but moaning…


Poor Gelatin is trapped on a train with 2 bullies that enjoy humiliate him


Poor Max is again victim on the train by bully Wee who is “at a feet distance”


Rocky is ruthless with a misterious masked saboteur ninja.


Mirko and Rocky caught in the irresistibleĀ  fight, who is going to win?

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!! ultra HD version (2704X2028 50fps) Rocky / Hunter / Eliot play with poor Gelatin counsciousness in this second CUSTOM from SuperSession 2 He pass out 4 times!

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The Backstage of our masterpice Supersession 2,with lots of undisclosed action!


Sany Hunter and Elliot have fun ripping their incredibly expensive shirts while dominating each others

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2 MOVIES in ONE! This is the RAW footage session of 2 movies toghether. 2 Hours of pure domination! This movie contains also the raw footage of: Squash Match Supplanters

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In this new episode of this serie Wel is the bully on te ride taking advantage of poor Mao

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Alan and Wel are very unhappy roomates: the space is not enought for both, and it make it starta very hot fight