2 of our youngest and favourite fighters fight each other showing their skills in their disciplines: Taekwondo vs. Kickboxing. An epic match with a very uncertain result.


Andres the taekwondoist is attacked by crooked police-man Rocky. He even ties him up but the martial artist know how to use his leg.

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Newbie Rocky and Andres are fighting again, this time Kickboxer meets Taekwondo fighter.


Custom Movie with REAL Brothers in REAL fighting with Taekwondo Skill. Who’s going to win?


Our Taekwondo black belts telling (illustrating) stories how they used their martial skills in various life situations. Russian language.


Al and Goracio fight in this very tricky fight.


Brothers at fight! Andy is Al’s younger brother who just became 18 y.o. and is going to join our cast. Andy is fond on taekwondo (same as older brother) and acrobatics.


Lad and Zachary face each other in their different fighting styles. Who’s gonna win?


ATTENTION THIS IS JUST THE KIMONO FINAL PART, you find the entire here: https://www.trickfighters.com/downloads/mortal-neighbourhood/  


Vasilko is the brother of Denis, trained in taekwondo


4 fighters practice thei incrdible kicking taekwondo skills!  


The first original karate Prisoner was an incredible custom movies. Another custumer saw it and decided to replicate with a new prisoner: Him !


Denis is a Newbie, black belt in taekwondo, who wants to shows off all his skills.


Black belt taekwondoka Felix is winner of the title MOST BEAUTIFUL FEET S SIZE (41). Sweet soles of martial artist make a lot of touches to the face of the opponent, also trampling and stomping face.