Custumer Feedback:
That was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yourko (and Wel) was awesome!!!! SO HAPPY with this video. Makes me want to make this a series like Scissor Games. LOL Thank you VERY much for bringing my fantasy come to life. BOTH guys were fantastic. The english subtitles were awesome too. Thank you for that. That adds so much to an english-speaking person. Just thought I would give you a small report on how Yourko did in the dominant role. (On a scale of 1-5) Realism: 5 Expression: 5 Follow direction: 5 He is still one of my favorite fighters. I thought giving him the dominant role would give him a chance to prove himself to "TrickFighters" management. He is a spectacular young man!!! As far as content goes. Attire: perfect. Fighting area: perfect. Subtitles: perfect. Fight style: Loved it. I wish TF would produce more of this type. More dominant wrestling/fighting. Less footwork. Price: well worth the cost.

At the Mercy of Yourko


Duration: 32 min.


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