Duration: 60 min.

Custumer Order Instructions:
Can you do 60 minutes on this one? KNOCKOUT MATCH Rambo wins 2 or 3 times but MOSTLY Rambo LOSES. MOST SHOULD BE IN HEADSCiSSOR KNOCKOUT with arm control if possible. One or two of the chokes using clothing articles..... It is like the previous one. This one is more Headscissor. Important things that I would like in there: 1) headscissor with controlling arms are legs in some of the moves. Not all. 2) Record victim face and body struggling and passing out 3) Make sure to hold the choke 5 to 10 seconds after rambo passing out. 4) Rambo twitches/struggles 5) He taps out but The other guy does not relax the hold. He makes it tighter. 6) You can add some sleeperholds or Rear naked choke in here too or Clothing chokes.