Duration: 33 min.

Custumer Order Instructions:
30 minutes Gear: Sport (shorts, barefoot, shirtless) Location: Mat room Guys face off in a rough free-for-all fight with lots of creative three-way holds. There are lots of holds where they each get each other trapped at the same time like: triple headscissors, each person in a different hold at the same time (you can be as creative as you like with these), etc. There are 2v1 moments with each combination of fighters, both with the 2 dominating and the 1 dominating. There are even 1v1 moments of each pairing where they have each other trapped in mutual holds (like a double bodyscissors) until the other intervenes. They roll around together, and often get stuck together like they've tied themselves into knots. The fight ends with all three of them in a long triple headscissors, lasting a few minutes. They all pass out at the same time to end the fight in a draw.