Duration: 30 min.

Custumer Order Instructions:
Glad vs Rambo, 30 minutes, gear: sport (shirtless, barefoot, underarmors), location: dark mat room, no subtitles. Glad and Rambo meet for a serious, intense, fight with lots of mutual holds. For the entire match they are perfect equals, never able to get an advantage over the other. I would like to see lots of mutual headscissors, mutual bodyscissors, rolling mutual bearhugs, mutual Ezekiel chokeholds, leg entanglements, and any other mutual holds you can think of. I would like one of the mutual headscissors to be at least 2 minutes with them rolling across the room. As the match nears its end both men are exhausted and frustrated. After a long, intense scramble with lots of rolling, Glad and Rambo trap each other in a mutual Ezekiel chokehold for a couple of minutes, rolling around for control before eventually passing out at the same time to end the fight in a double KO draw.