Custumer Feedback:
Just wanted to let you know I have downloaded the video and just finished watching it. First of all, thank you for sending it so soon. I wasn't expecting until Friday, so it was quite a nice surprise to get it on Wednesday! The video itself surpassed my wildest imagination! I am completely in awe of the fantastic job everyone did to put this together. The actors did a great job. I loved the size difference between the cop (Alan) and Vladko. Alan towered over Vladko, which is what I wanted. Alan really played the part of the cop perfectly! He has a deep voice, and spoke in a commanding tone. He did a great job cranking on the tight holds, and the dialogue was perfect and just the right amount. I also loved how Alan smiled and laughed while he was applying holds, and Vladko did a great job taking the pain, and even trying to escape. The authentic police uniforms were way over the top, and made such a big difference to the outcome of the video. It was very realistic. Again, JUST what I was looking for. All my favorite holds were included, and every request followed down to the last detail. The cameraman did a great job, and all the editing was top notch! Thank you so much for a job well done, I am a very satisfied customer and please pass on my thank you to Alan and Vladko. I will be back for more

Police Embrace 2


Duration: 34 min.

Custumer Order Instructions:
I am so happy with the last video (Police Embrace), I would like to order another one. Using Alan as the cop again, this time for the "suspect" using Vladko. Video again will be 30 minutes. For the uniform, same as last time with the helmet, however I was a bit disappointed on last video he didn't wear the leg pads or the gloves. So please include these items on this video. About 1/2 through the video, have Alan remove the helmet and have nothing on his head for 2nd half of video. For Vladko, have him wear loose-fitting shorts and t-shirt. For the storyline, I would like to propose the following: Vladko was demonstrating at a gay pride march, and the police officer has detained him saying that such marches are illegal in this city. Then he proceeds to show him what the police do to "guys like him". If this is not acceptable, then you can create a different storyline. The amount of dialogue in the last video was perfect! Please do that again. Have the video again begin with a thorough "pat down" of the suspect by the police, going slow and taking 2-3 minutes, rubbing his hands slowly over his body. For the holds, will be requesting holds that were not used in the last video. Please have Alan hold the holds LONGER. 1-2 minutes for each hold, and have many of them end with Vladko passing out.


Second Great custom with our new police uniforms from satisfied client