Custumer Feedback:
Thank you so much for my custom! I did not expect it this fast. It was perfect and I much appreciated it how the guys added the gut punching contest to the overall storyline. Leo was a great pick with the right body type for punching. It also showed that he has a bit of a dominant side to him in my opinion. He took some great punches from Milan. I hope that he will feature in some more videos in the future. Milan was great again taking some punches and dishing out the punishment to Leo stomach. I especially enjoyed the combination punches he used on Leo. The final rapid fire punches were awesome. I hope to see more of him in the future as well. He is becoming one of my favourite fighters on the site. Thank you for the camera work that captured the punches landing so well. You can see that the punches were real. This is what makes the difference between Trickfighters and some of the American companies that do similar customs. Their's are pure acting but all the customs that I have requested, I can see that the guys are taking the punishment. I always feel sorry and a bit guilty for requesting them to do so. Please give my thanks to Milan & Leo for allowing their bodies to endure the pain and a great custom.

Who will be the Dummy


Duration: 33 min.


Nice custom movie about 2 big boys challenging each others