Hot custom movie focused on painfuld foot hold and twisting


Bully Andres is picking on our poor Jelly in the most malicious way. He ejoys to capture him and dominate him with his stinky powerful feet. Total Humiliation and Degradation here! A must have if youa re into foot domination


Rocky dominate and humiliate his opponent in real time! This is a very intimate custom in which the custumer make question and demands to ROcky who explain and show with no regards of his opponents. All German Spoken!


Rocky and Gelatin again in a vicious domination video, all spoken in German. Humiliation and scissors at their best!


Rambo is back with us in a brief visit, and show again all his strenght along side with our beloved Rocky, both instructed by Mirko. R plus R = poor Gelatin is completely devasteded both phisically and mentally with lot of humiliation.


Elliot and Hunter are together for the third time for this incredible, custom funded SUPERMOVIE. It includes backstages and custom multirequests A true masterpiece!


Amazing Custom movie about humiliation and headscissors. This is domination at its finest!


Poor Gelatin is trapped on a train with 2 bullies that enjoy humiliate him


Poor Max is again victim on the train by bully Wee who is “at a feet distance”


Mirko and Rocky caught in the irresistibleĀ  fight, who is going to win?

Original price was: €75.00.Current price is: €66.00.

The Backstage of our masterpice Supersession 2,with lots of undisclosed action!

Original price was: €199.00.Current price is: €179.00.

2 MOVIES in ONE! This is the RAW footage session of 2 movies toghether. 2 Hours of pure domination! This movie contains also the raw footage of: Squash Match Supplanters

Original price was: €69.00.Current price is: €59.00.

In this new episode of this serie Wel is the bully on te ride taking advantage of poor Mao

Original price was: €75.00.Current price is: €68.00.

Alan and Wel are very unhappy roomates: the space is not enought for both, and it make it starta very hot fight

Original price was: €100.00.Current price is: €89.00.

Huge custom for special client. Rocky here show as all his strenghts and no mercy at all

Original price was: €85.00.Current price is: €75.00.

Huge custom for special client, all GERMAN SPOKEN for the first time. Rocky here show as all his strenghts and no mercy at all


REAL DOMINATION Great scissor domination with Vladko


REAL DOMINATION Poor slave is captured and heavily humiliated.


REAL DOMINATION After the hit success of our first episode here Here it is the second one!


Gelatin is captured and heavily bullied by Eric and Jamesx


Chuck enjoy being bully and find in Armando the perfect new victim.


Eric and August totally dominate and humiliate their slave toy


Long custom made movie between Glad and Saber.


Custom Movie English Spoken Horacio totally overpowers poor Sany