Duration: 32 min.

Custumer Order Instructions:
Two wrestlers in short gym shorts, and barefoot. Their main interest is in twisting, spreading, and biting each other's toes until the other man submits. They come up with all kinds of ways to work each other's toes in lots of positions. The emphasis is on the toes. Each competitor gets lots of great and painful toe holds on the opponent. the back and forth lasts maybe 20-30 minutes. In the end, one submits. Although I want almost all toeholds, I realized that sometimes other holds have to be used to keep the movie going. I like hammerlocks with the victim face down on the ground and pounding the ground with his other fist. And I also like head scissors from behind, with the attacker's legs extended toward the camera. Camera work: Your company does wonderful camera work! I'd like to see the bottoms of the feet of the victim as his toes get twisted. I would like the guys to be at least 21 years of age, not thin, and good actors who can sell this action.