Duration: 31 min.

Custumer Order Instructions:
Nike and Rob are relaxing in speedos. ... Nike gets annoyed and starts to push Rob around. Rob gets angry and holds Nike by the neck, punching him a couple of times in the abs, then a punch to his groin... Rob then drags the unconscious Nike into the gym. Rob drags the unconscious Nike into the gym and ties him to the weights bench so he is spread eagle. Rob punches Nike in the groin to bring him around. Nike struggles and asks what Rob is doing. Rob tells him that he is going to teach Nike a lesson for being stupid in the pool. Rob gags Nike with tape. Rob then punches and low blows Nike - lots of low and really hard low blows. Rob then drags a semiconscious Nike from the gym and ties him to the bars in the main area, spread eagle again and continues to punch and lots of really hard low blows. At the end, Rob removes Nike's gag, Nike pleads for mercy and to be let go. Rob says that Nike will never annoy him again, wraps a rope/belt around Nike's neck and pulls it hard from behind. Nike struggles and dies. Rob punches and low blows a lifeless Nike a few times before heading back to the pool to relax. We see Rob relax in the pool before a final show of Nike's lifeless body hanging spreadeagle from the bars. Hopefully this is a movie you can make and the other members will like.